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Who is Karen Bray?

Karen has been pushing the boundaries of dance since receiving an MFA in Dance from the U. of Michigan in 1976. One million years ago in her 20's, Karen spent her summers performing street theatre in Europe with other dancers and musicians. Karen spent two years living in Amsterdam building her career teaching and performing dance, mime, clowning, improvisation and choreography. 


What struck her as profound was the notion that, even though they did not speak the same languages, the performers were able to communicate, deeply, with strangers in foreign countries. Dance and music are their own language. They are not English, French, Dutch or German. Through dance and music we can communicate things that can not be said any other way. As Isadora Duncan, the revolutionary American dancer said, "If I knew what it meant, I would not have to dance it". Through this mindset, Karen has reached audiences by performing dance and street theatre in the Netherlands, France, Germany, San Francisco, and the greater Boston area. 


Since 1978 to the present, Karen has collaborated with artists, dancers, non-dancers and musicians to produce evening length concerts as well as outdoor dance/theatre performances. Most recently she created “Alice in Stop and Shopperland” which was performed outdoors as part of Newton Open Studios.


Ever since her experience in Europe, Karen wanted to share the excitement she feels when a dancer or musician or artist touches her soul - speaking her first language. Karen has always wanted to share that with pedestrians on the street as well as with formal audiences in a theater. How will people be introduced to this magic if we dancers don't offer it to folks right where they are?


Karen delights in creating dances that are an integral part of our daily lives. Site Specific Dances allow people to see their environment and their day with fresh eyes. A surprise, choreographed-just-for-YOU, one-minute dance offered as you walk down the street might just jolt you out of complacency and make you laugh!


Karen has had delightful, profound, unexpected experiences of connection with people in the most unexpected places and the most unexpected moments. In some of those moments she felt that people were hungry for connection through play and through the arts. She loves the surprise of it all! 

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