New Class beginning March 31st

on zoom, at the

New Art Center in Newton!

Our world provides many opportunities for dances large and small...

Site Specific* Dance:

For All Movers, Dancers, and Artists 

on Zoom

through the New Art Center

in Newton, Massachusetts

Dates: March 31 – May 12, 2021
Details: Wednesdays, 6 Sessions
Times: 6:00PM – 7:30PM on Zoo
Notes: no class 4/21/21

Take your artistry to a new and different level.  Improvise and make dances inspired by the world around you wherever you are in your quarantine: your kitchen, a notebook, a skyscraper, a park bench.  All levels of movement experience are invited.   These short dances (10 sec -1 min) can provide a jumping off point (pun intended) for further expansion, can be transformed into a 2D work of art, or, they can stand on their own two feet (ditto on the puns).  You will be given prompts one week before class to prepare your short movement piece (it may be improvised or set).  During our Zoom class we will improvise together and share our short creations on video or live on Zoom. Brilliance and some silliness will ensue.

New Art Center

Site Specific Dance: For All Movers and Artists - ACP21007

$ 205.00

Quantity: 1

Total: $ 205.00

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* Site Specific: A dance that is unique to, and inspired by, a specific environment or structure that already exists.

Creativity Lab:

A Movement Improvisation

& Art-Making Workshop

for Adults

Co-Taught by Karen Bray and Cathie Brenner

At the New Art Center in Newton

61 Washington Park

Newtonville, Ma.


Wednesday Nights 6:30pm-9:30 pm since 2009.

Winter 2021 semester Jan-Feb. Next semester: Fall 2021.

Hour One:

We move and improvise in this class to get creative juices flowing (no experience necessary). Artists work collectively based on semester theme. We make collaborative, often giant-sized, works of art. Our large, open, high-ceilinged studio space provides artists an opportunity to make art outside the box and to combine mediums.

Hour Two:

Students work quietly altogether in silence on individual works of art. Movement, writing, sound and narrative are also utilized. Students generate new inspiration in their current medium and have the opportunity to try a variety of new genres.

Hour Three:

We share the movement and visual works of art we have made during hour two. Artists have an opportunity for supportive feedback.