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"If you missed her show last May at Green Street Studios, which involved dance, improvisation, and collaboration with the audience, you missed dances of great beauty, dances of side-splitting humor, and dances of subtle wit.  A triumph!"

—Nan D., Needham

"It is just a joy to meet, play and create with Karen. She masterfully and quickly develops an open and trusting group dynamic that allows us to explore our creativity, take risks and perform with abandonment and delight. I can't wait to get to her “Creativity Lab” class."

—Diane R., Newton


I am delighted to refer “ARTS ALIVE”, a performance art duo, to you!  I have had the pleasure of seeing Karen Bray and Diane Ripstein at work (which really means, at play) several times. They are inventive, engaging, and bring great fun to our events.

Karen and Diane dress up as funny characters with funny accents and move among the crowds interacting with everyone they meet.  I can tell you that they are very skillful: they use their comic and theatrical talents to create amazing and spontaneous mini-improvs.   

At our recent “Shop and Stroll Arts Events”, in both Newton Highlands and Newton Centre, Karen and Diane brought lots of laughter and charisma. They have an amazing ability to connect the public to the artists and to the art work. This sense of whimsy made people feel so comfortable that wallets just seemed to magically open.

I highly recommend Karen and Diane for Soirees, Celebrations, Openings,

and Festive Gatherings. 

They will bring your party to life! 


Victoria Danberg

Newton, Ma. City Councilor

"Karen Bray provided an experience where the audience faced the full range of life’s emotional pallet: laughter, tears, tenderness and social commentary, skillfully woven into the improvisational art of and movement." 

—Judi H., Weston

"Friday night's performance was truly amazing. 

Funny, poignant, beautifully executed."

— Michelle F., Providence

"Each week, Karen creates a magical space that brings alive creative impulses for even the timid among us. The various building blocks of the class structure are artfully combined into a joyful whole." 

—Melissa S., Somerville

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