Members of the community PARTICIPATE!

Artists are given a new opportunity to create, and, their work becomes visible. Community Members, without much experience in the arts, are given exposure to the arts in a way that is accessible and enjoyable for them. Business Owners are offered a new mode of marketing and promoting their businesses. The

New Art Center gains visibility, new members and new students. Choreographers  gain exposure for their work. This project provides all members of the community an opportunity to build new connections and relationships within the Newton Community.



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This project was conceived and created by Karen Bray, Dance-Maker and Artistic Director.  Local businesses, the New Art Center, dancers, artists and musicians collaborate to create works including movement, sound and visual elements. The most recent businesses who were our inspiration were:

  • George Howell Coffee,

  • HipStitch Arts & Crafts,

  • CoBella Hair Salon. 

This event was sponsored by the

New Art Center and the Newton Festival of the Arts.




“The Artful Piano”

Sponsored by the


Festival of theArts

Summer 2016

9 outdoor performances with

piano and dancers

Choreographer: Karen Bray

  • Four Birds in a Bush


  • The Spies Dance


  • The Joy of Sitting


  • A Solo by Samson


  • The Plastic Bag Dance


  • The Ask-the-Audience Dance 



Chavi Bansal, Karen Bray, Eileen Chodos,

Reme Gold, Olivia London



Samson Mengsteab



"There should be more performance art! You two Performance Artists were

a great addition to the show today.  You brought movement, energy and connection to our art sale today.  And increased sales, I'm sure!"
C. Hajosy, Newton

Arts Alive:

Fall 2016

Our whimsical and wacky characters engage your guests as we build newly invented worlds of improvisation.  We rove and interact with folks and invite them, if so inclined, to participate. Our familiar, archetypal characters are visually silly and engaging with costumes and props. Our characters use movement, narrative, and conversation.

  • British inspectors… Tip toe around about searching for "CLEWS".

  • French Waitresses.....Serve up delightful moments.

Mission of "ARTS ALIVE":

  • To spread joy and delight. 

  • To introduce a new kind of performance art in which guests, if so inclined, become an integral part of the action.

  • To help people feel welcome, and, and to increase their enjoyment.

  • To connect with people, and, provide them with a fun, interactive experience.

  • To promote the art of business, and, to create a sense of community within businesses.